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Does learning how to use your business phone leave you in the weeds?

Posted by Eddie Weakley, Sr. Product Manager

July 26, 2017; 9:00 AM

When was the last time you bought a new mobile phone and had to use the 200 page user’s guide that came in the box? Heck, I’m guessing in your excitement you quickly opened the package, threw the box to the side, turned your focus on powering up the phone and downloading all the apps you have grown to enjoy. You may be thinking, why is it so easy for me to set up my mobile phone and quickly talk to who I want to talk to? Well maybe not, that could just be me, I have been in the telecommunications industry for eight years and started my journey at Samsung mobile. The mission at Samsung was very clear: beat Apple and provide a device that is easy to use.

You may have noticed by now that I’ve only talked about mobile phones. You’re right, I have, and that’s because at ESI we want your desk phone experience to be just as intuitive as your mobile smartphone experience.

Ask yourself how many times you’ve reached for your desk phone to call a co-worker only to realize that you didn’t know the number to call. You may have started looking around your desk for the paper some IT guy gave you when you first started? After about five minutes, you realized how much time was wasted, when you could have already used your smartphone to make the call.

Or what about those times when your desk phone rings, but as luck would have it, the caller dialed the wrong number and was actually looking for one of your co-workers. Whenever that happens, first you panic as you try to remember his/her extension number, then luckily you find that paper the IT guy gave you! But then there’s another problem, you realize you have no idea how to transfer the call to your co-worker. What do you do next?

Then let’s look at this a different way – as an IT manager you spent countless hours implementing a phone system that you could easily deploy and manage. However, the company you work for has a relatively high turnover rate, which translates to lots of time-consuming tickets for you and your team. Why? Well, your new employees have no idea how to use their own desk phones, and you start thinking to yourself…..this sucks. If I had provided business mobile phones no training would have been needed, yet I provided business desk phones and my users are left in the weeds.

Now, let me tell you about a desk phone that will change the way you think and feel about desk phones. This desk phone will inspire feelings you may have experienced when you purchased your first very own “smartphone”.

The ESI ePhone7™ has revolutionized the way business communications are performed on the desktop. It is a smartphone for the desktop that delivers a mobile user experience and improves business productivity. It is ESI’s most innovative phone yet with a 7” touchscreen interface, simplified contact management, visual voice mail, one-touch recording, conferencing and so much more.

With the ePhone7 we have simplified button programming…..there is none! Easily load all your Google contacts with your co-worker directory available in a unified view. Easily access Contacts as well as create “Favorites” lists thus replacing the need for Speed Dial and DSS keys.

We have also included one-touch access to eHELP – a website dedicated to end users, that provides quick ‘How-to’ video user-tutorials which educate users about any and all new features, therefore driving adoption.

No more being left in the weeds with your deskphone, no more large papers from IT to find a co-worker’s extension. The ePhone7 will give you a reason to put the mobile phone aside and start using a desk phone again!


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