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How Cloud-Based Technology Will Take 2017 by Storm

Posted by Megan Szukala

January 31, 2017; 5:09 PM

The new year is in full swing and with that comes predictions regarding upcoming technological advancement. For the enterprise communications industry, there has been an exceptional amount of talk about the transition to cloud-based systems and the abundance of benefits and flexibility that it provides.


Cloud-based communication systems allow more employees to work from home than ever before. In addition, cloud storage provides cheaper and faster solutions for hosting company data and other important information. To wrap up the month of January and to dive into 2017, we’ve rounded up articles to showcase what Unified Communications (UC)  thought leaders are predicting for cloud-based systems in the upcoming year.



4 Key Trends Set to Unify Enterprise Communications


This article from No Jitter discusses a few different ways author Vik Verma believes business communications will come together this year. Specifically, this article points out that “cloud communication will continue to move upmarket and become mainstream.” This statement sets high expectations for cloud communications, labeling it as the next dominant IT solution with its user base being projected to grow 25 to 30 percent annually for the next 3 years.


Predicting Enterprise Communications Innovation in 2017


Tech Target discusses the predicted success of cloud communications this year as well, stating that cloud telephony carriers are “simpler, faster and less expensive” communication services, because they don’t rely on a physical infrastructure. Author, Bayan Towfiq, goes on to describe 2017 as “the year of cloud-based IP communications” reiterating what No Jitter has stated about the exciting future for cloud-based systems.


Cloud Computing Trends to Embrace This Year


The future of cloud communications is anticipated to broaden on a global scale. According to Dynamic Business, it is estimated that “76 percent of businesses are utilizing cloud computing” while “46 percent of non-cloud users [are] planning to engage in cloud services in the future.” This article goes on to list the top upcoming cloud trends, including automation, business dashboards and the decline of on-premise servers.


Cloud is Crucial for Development


In this article from ZDNet, cloud computing is said to be “a crucial component in the continuous development process,” as well as “a key enabler of the more agile, more flexible enterprise.” Cloud-based solutions are said to be taking over, leaving businesses behind that decide against adapting this technology. In addition, this article elaborates on its expectations for the cloud by saying “the correct response to speeding the dev-test cycle” would be to stitch from a legacy-first to a digital-first approach as well as assume that all solutions will be cloud-based.




Considering that almost all businesses and industries are heavily reliant on IT solutions, it will be interesting to see if the enterprise communications sector completely succumbs to the anticipated cloud takeover throughout the rest of the year. At the helm of this takeover are UC providers like ESI whose priority is to ease cloud adoption worries and create a solution that can seamlessly be integrated into all business models.


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